Our Team


stephanie nguyen

Project Lead
Privacy and Design Project
Harvard Kennedy School

Stephanie Nguyen is a product designer and researcher focused on data privacy and ethics. She is working on Precision Medicine initiatives with the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins University. She previously worked at U.S. Digital Service and Google X and cofounded DCFemTech, a coalition supporting women and minorities in tech. Stephanie is a graduate fellow at HKS pursuing a Masters in Public Policy. @stephtngu

hong qu

Program Manager for Technology
Shorenstein Center
Harvard Kennedy School

Hong Qu serves as the Program Director for Technology at the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School. Hong was a designer on YouTube’s startup team. He also worked as the VP of product at Upworthy and chief technology officer at Fusion Media. He was a visiting Nieman fellow in 2013. Hong is a graduate of Wesleyan University and UC Berkeley’s School of Information. @hqu



This project would not be possible without the dedicated collaboration by the expert designers, researchers, technologies, community organizers, industry practitioners and public servants who have been working on data privacy related issues that reach millions of people everyday. Thank you.

  • Yuvraj Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Grace Annan-Callcott, Press Officer, Projects by IF

  • Vanessa Barone, Research Scientist, Sage Bionetwork

  • Sara “Scout” Brody, Former Executive Director, Simply Secure

  • Georgia Bullen, Executive Director, Simply Secure

  • Grant Chinn, Website working group, Design Justice Network

  • Lorrie Faith Cranor, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Jennifer Ding, IDEO CoLab Fellow, Solutions Engineer at Numina

  • Peter Doljanski, Product Lead, Firefox

  • Ame Elliott, Design Director, Simply Secure

  • Pardis Emami-Naeini, PhD candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Yini Guan, Graduate student and Design Intern, University of Washington and Sage Bionetworks

  • Erika Harano, Website working group, Design Justice Network

  • Marla Hay, Director of Product, Salesforce

  • Jonathan Healey, Ethics Lab, Georgetown University

  • Meg Leta Jones, Ethics Lab, Georgetown University

  • Morgan Klaus Scheuerman, Information Science PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder

  • Una Lee, Steering Committee Member, Design Justice Network, Director, Consentful Tech Project

  • Audrey Levy, IDEO CoLab Fellow, Industrial Design student at the University of Washington

  • YASMINA LÓPEZ, Service Designer at Fjord Madrid, Senior Fellow supporting the Usability and Design within the Secure Program at @SimplySecure & @OpentechFund

  • Andrew Lovett-Barron, Founder, KNOWSI

  • Sydney Luken, Ethics Lab, Georgetown University

  • Woody MacDuffie, Director of Design, Sage Bionetworks

  • Jasmine McNealy, Fellow – Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society; Assistant Professor – University of Florida

  • Hervé Mischler, Director, Salesforce Office of Innovation

  • Soraya Okuda, Education and Design Lead, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

  • Fahad Punjwani, IDEO CoLab Fellow, Creative Director at SUCH

  • Becca Ricks, Research Associate, Mozilla Foundation

  • Karen Semone, Senior Director, Salesforce Office of Innovation

  • Boaz Sender, Website working group, Design Justice Network

  • Stockard Simon, Designer, Sage Bionetworks

  • Caroline Sinders, Fellow, The Mozilla Foundation + Visiting Fellow, digital HKS

  • Glenn Sorrentino, Principal UX Designer, Salesforce

  • Hamsini Sridharan, Program Director, MapLight

  • Lucy Van Kleunen, PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder

  • Eileen Wagner, Program Manager, Simply Secure

  • Molly Wilson, Senior Designer & Researcher, Simply Secure