Hervé Mischler, Director - Salesforce Office of Innovation

Karen Semone, Senior Director - Salesforce Office of Innovation

Consumer-Controlled Data Profile

See and update your personal data in one secure universal profile, to share and manage how brands know you



Our idea addresses multiple challenges with personal data.

  • Privacy. In our post-GDPR world, consumers are more aware of their data being owned, controlled and often shared and commoditized by the businesses with which they transact.

  • Friction. The effort of creating dozens of profiles every time one wants to purchase something from a new company creates friction and wastes time.

  • Lack of personalization. Finally, loyalty programs attempt to reward repeat purchasers, but these incentives are one-size-fits-all, and not personalized to our tastes and preferences.


What if we flipped the script on data control — and let consumers call the shots on who can access it, when. and why? Our conceptual prototype app and data protocol allows every consumer to manage their own “single source-of-truth” data set about their needs, preferences and behaviors — a “LinkedIn for personal data.”

Who is this for?

Consumers who are concerned with the security and privacy of their personal data, but who are willing to share more with select businesses who earn their trust and consent, in exchange for more personalized, more valuable products, services, and rewards.


Now, your favorite airlines and hotels can know your music playlists and favorite snacks. Your preferred beauty brand can access your allergy and pharmacy history. Your top retailer can know your upcoming travel plans. All businesses have the same accurate and updated data — owned, curated and updated in real time by you, the consumer.

With this level playing field, the job of the business will be to be fully transparent with consumers on the data they store, and develop experiences that win the consumer’s consent, data and loyalty.