Ame Elliott, Design Director; Simply Secure
Sara “Scout” Brody
, Former Executive Director; Simply Secure
Georgia Bullen
, Executive Director; Simply Secure
Eileen Wagner
, Program Manager; Simply Secure
Molly Wilson
, Senior Designer & Researcher; Simply Secure

Participant Bill of Rights




Traditional consent forms or terms of service, don’t acknowledge or outline the power and rights that user’s have.


Simply Secure’s Participant Bill of Rights was developed as part of a research project with Blue Ridge Labs in New York City, aimed at better understanding low income New Yorker’s understanding of privacy while using their mobile phones.

Due to the focus on privacy and surveillance and the fact that the project involved a more vulnerable population who is more greatly impacted by surveillance on a regularly basis, Simply Secure and Blue Ridge felt that it was important to respect the participants’ lived experience as much as possible.

As a result, consent to participate is framed in the participants’ rights and control over their experience and their information.

Who is this for?

The Participant Bill of Rights was designed in the context of a research study, and could be used by academics and companies alike for user research. It could also be adapted into a model for a more rights based model for Terms of Service consent forms.

use case:

The Participant Bill of Rights could be used to outline a user’s rights when using a software product or participating in a study. The Bill of Rights should be available to the user in their account as well, should they chose to exercise or revoke their consent. By shifting the frame from “terms of service” and expanding from “consent” to rights, this will change the user experience so that the user experience is centering the user’s power to control their data and their experience.

Additional work: